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Bhutan is tucked and hidden away in the Himalayas where people have largely lived a life of isolation from the rest of the world. The Bhutanese has managed to succeed in maintaining their cultural and spiritual way of life intact by strict limitations on the amount of outside visitors allowed into the country each year. At present the limit is around 5000 a year.

Western values of course are beginning to creep in, but as of yet they have little or no impact a land where culture spirituality and custom come first. Bhutan's extreme charm exudes a special feeling of serenity. The people are very religious, even in urban centers the spinning of prayer wheels and the chanting of mantras along with countless butter lamps are still very visible and important features in the Bhutanese way of life. The landscape is covered with monasteries temples and religious monuments, red robed monks, young and old are everywhere mingling freely in towns and village markets.
Bhutan's Bio Diversity needs to be seen to be believed, almost three quarters of its land area is covered by forests, it has been declared amongst the ten most prominent areas for environmental protection in the world. The flora and fauna of Bhutan are extremely rich and diverse, dazzling snow capped peaks, lush valleys and unbelievably beautiful rural landscapes all go to make up a truly memorable holiday experience.

Bhutan tour

Bhutan Tour

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